February 1, 2014
Jeremiah lives with his parents and two older siblings in a mud-brick house with a thatched roof in a rural area of the Upper West Region of Ghana. He has two sisters and one brother. One of his sisters is living on her own. Jeremiah is in grade one and his favourite subject is English. His pastimes include singing songs and playing football with his friends. Jeremiah's fahter is a farmer, struggling to provide the basic needs of the family. Sponsorship enables children to attend class every day and have the supplies they need to complete their education, grow up healthy, and achieve their dreams.
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If you wish to pay for your sponsorship through automatic withdrawal from your bank account, please indicate this on the form that will be included with the child folder you receive in the mail.
You may also call our toll free number 1.800.776.6855 to make your request for sponsorship.


Chalice has been serving children in Ghana since 1997 in three sites in rural communities in the far northern region of the country, which is highly under-developed when compared to the southern regions.

Communities in the rural north have little to no access to schools, transportation, or public services, which contributes to an existing feeling of disenfranchisement among the rural populations. The erratic climate consistently threatens agricultural output and leads to food insecurity. The majority of young adults move to the prospering southern regions, leaving behind communities that are disproportionately elderly and vulnerable.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education – Bringing quality educational facilities to under-served rural areas.
  2. Adult education - Empowering women with literacy, skills training, health, and their basic rights.
  3. Agriculture – Implementing programs that improve access to clean water and up-to-date information. With improved growing conditions comes greater food security for the families.

Our sites in Ghana:

Wa – Chalice has  partnered with Diocese of Wa and Lassia Tuolu Parish in the rural town of Wa since 1997. Under the direction of Pele Abraham Bright, the site implements the sponsorship program in 11 subsites, which are primarily Catholic primary and junior high schools, as well as one nursery. The site conducts programs to prevent and treat Hepatitis B, which is endemic in the region. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides leadership training, workshops on health and community issues, and cultural celebrations for the community.
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Konda - Chalice has partnered with the Wa School for the Deaf as its own site since 2013. Under site director Guong Nicholas, the school offers a nursery program, primary, secondary, and vocational education. Along with deaf students, the school serves children from very poor families and children with intellectual disabilites. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides employment skills such as bread-baking and catering services. The site also provides entrepreneurship training and sign language training for women.
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Nandom – Chalice partnered with Nandom Parish in 2013. Site director Boniface W. Nakaar oversees the sponsorship program which supports parents and guardians through DFF (Direct Family Funding).  All sponsored children attend school, with most of the schools receiving support through Chalice Children Nutrition. The site also provides regular medical workshops on urgent health issues such as Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS, which are endemic in the region. The site places a special emphasis on promoting the value of educating girls.
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Sponsorship FAQs

Can I contact my sponsored child through social media?
The advancement of social media has created opportunities for people to network across the globe. However we discourage Chalice sponsors from trying to contact their sponsor child due to the fact that we want to ensure the safety and privacy of the child and the sponsor.
Can I share my involvement with Chalice through my personal website or my organization's website?
Yes, if you need any more information to place on your website or an organization's website please contact Chalice: 1-800-776-6855 or email
I am not ready to sponsor? How else can I help?
There are many ways that a person can contribute through Chalice. We have other programs within Chalice that address the needs of the poor. These are some of the few programs: Nutrition Fund, Community Projects, Urgency Fund, Critical Needs, Gift Catalogue, eRoots, Mission trips, Host a dinner and eVena Prayer.
Are all the children in the program Catholic?
No, Chalice is rooted in Catholic social teachings that affirm the sacredness of life, and the dignity of all people, regardless of colour, nationality or creed.
Can I give the gift of sponsorship to a friend or in someone's memory?
If you wish to give the sponsorship as a gift, or to sponsor a child in memory of a loved one, please send all details regarding the name and address of the recipient to Chalice. A child folder and card will be sent to them in your name. The official tax receipt will be issued to you.
How do I change my personal information?
In order to make any changes to your personal information (address, banking or credit card information) please contact Chalice.1-800-776-6855 or email
Can other organizations access my or my sponsor child's personal information?
No, Chalice respects the privacy of its supporters. We keep all information on our supporters (and sponsor children) in a very secure system and do not release names or other information to other organizations.
Who is in control of the distribution of funds being sent and how do I know they are being sent to my sponsor child?
Chalice is in control of distributing funds. The distribution of funds is mandated by CRA (Canada Revenue agency) regulations. We are audited by an external auditor and internal auditor. All the funds that are sent to the sites are audited on a quarterly basis.
After my sponsor child leaves the program, am I able to continue sending funds or keep in touch?
In many cases when a child leaves the sponsorship program, they move from the area, making it impossible for the sponsor site staff to keep in contact. Due to the number of children in the sponsorship program or in need of sponsorship, it is not feasible to keep records on those that have left the program. It is also the hope that the sponsor will form a bond with a new child, giving them the same opportunity to maximize their potential.
What will happen to my sponsor child after they leave the program?
When a sponsor child leaves the Chalice sponsorship program, they are no longer able to receive the benefits that sponsorship provides. There are several reasons as to why a child may leave the sponsorship program. Many families migrate in search of employment; the child's family may no longer require assistance or the child has completed his/her education and has entered the workforce.
Can a child have multiple sponsors?
Each child has only one sponsor. However, this sponsor may be a group of individuals or a single person.
Can I send extra money to help my sponsor child?
Some Chalice sponsors like to give extra donations for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. If you wish to do so, please send monetary donations to our Chalice office in Bedford, NS or give us a call to arrange an automatic debit or credit card payment. Cash should never be sent through the mail and our Sites are unable to process Canadian cheques or money orders – any funds sent directly will be returned to the Canadian office. Birthday donations should be sent at least two months in advance. Birthdays are reported on the Child Folder as Month/Day/Year. All Christmas donations are pooled together and divided equally among all Sponsor Sites to ensure every child receives a gift at Christmas.
If my sponsor child or a member of their family is ill, are there ways to offer financial support?
If you become aware of any special needs for your child or their family, please contact your sponsor representative who will contact the site on your behalf to get more information on how you can best help. It may be possible for you to send extra support in the form of a Special Gift.
Can I sponsor a sibling?
Sponsoring a sibling will depend on the site of your sponsor child and their family. Each sponsor site has their own policies and guidelines around sponsoring siblings to ensure that sponsorship has the greatest impact possible in each community. To ascertain the policy at your sponsor child's site, please contact your sponsor representative.
Can I adopt my sponsor child?
There are many laws in Canada and in that of your sponsor child that govern all international adoption procedures. Many agencies are also involved which have their own guidelines. Finally the child's legal guardians must be considered. For these reasons, Chalice does not facilitate sponsors adopting their sponsor child. It is our desire that the children we help become happy, productive citizens of their own country. Our goal is that the children use their talents and training to help themselves, their families and their communities.
Can my sponsor child visit me?
It is important to realize that a child coming from their environment into your environment is overwhelming and is not an ideal situation; therefore it is not recommended nor facilitated by Chalice.
Can I visit my sponsor child?
Yes, you are welcome to visit your child. Please contact your sponsor representative with your initial inquiry. You will be provided with the information you need to make the necessary arrangements.

The following documents are required from each person wishing to visit:

1. Signed Personal Information and Emergency Contact form
2. Signed Informed Consent
3. Signed Release of All Claims Against Chalice
4. Copy of valid Passport (some countries require it to be valid a certain length of time after leaving)
5. Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search
6. Copy or details of travel itinerary, indicating days of Site visit
7. Proof of Travel Medical Insurance with worldwide coverage

Please remember that your Chalice sponsor child may live in conditions that you may find difficult. Some useful information concerning what to wear, eat, drink, etc., is very helpful before visiting. Please call 1-800-776-6855, ext. 811 for more information.
Can I write or e-mail my sponsor child?
Internet access at Chalice sites may vary. If you wish to email a letter to your child, please direct it to your sponsor representative who will forward it to the site for you.

Since many of our sites are located in regions without regular postal service you must send your letter or card to the Bedford office. It will be translated and given to your sponsor friend. Feel free to include items that are lightweight and not bulky, such as pictures of you or family, ribbons, scenic postcards, maps, bookmarks, stickers, yarn or hair ribbons. Include your children or grandchildren by having them write a short letter or draw a picture!

As space and weight are factors, we cannot forward items other than greeting cards, photos or letters. Whenever you mail cards, letters, photos, postcards, etc., please put your Child Code and/or Supporter ID number clearly on your correspondence.
How often will my sponsor child write to me?
Each year you will receive an update on your Chalice sponsor child, which will include a new photo, a letter from your sponsor child and a status report from a Field Worker. You will also receive a Christmas card along with a sponsor site update from the Site Director. If your sponsor child (or aged) is unable to write, their letter to you may be written by a relative or field worker.
Do I have to speak the same language as my sponsor child?
No. All communication from sponsors is translated at the Site, into the local language. The information you receive from your sponsor child will always be sent to you with an English translation. If you have any concerns about the content of something you receive from your child, please contact your Sponsor Representative.
What are the options for communicating with my sponsor child?
Writing to your Chalice sponsor friend can be a rewarding experience. Letters from sponsors are treasured gifts and help the beneficiaries of sponsorship feel connected to their sponsor.

Tips on Writing to your Sponsor Friend

When Writing:
  • Ensure your sponsor friend’s name and Code is clearly visible.
  • Be short and simple. All letters need to be translated.
  • Be personal. Write about your family, children, pets etc.
  • Sponsor children/aged is very grateful and happy when they receive photos of their sponsors.
  • You are also able to send photos of yourself and/or your family. Sponsor children/aged are very grateful and happy when they receive photos of their sponsors.
  • Be humble. Do not mention trips, purchases, or other events that are costly and beyond the reach of your friend.
  • Send your correspondence to the Chalice Bedford office, with your own return address, and include the child code on your letter. The letter should not contain contact information such as your address, phone number or email address. We will shred the outer envelope that your letter arrives in to ensure your privacy and mail the correspondence to your child with our regular packages to the sites.
  • Be patient! It can take up to 6 months to receive a response to your letter due to the administrative process and delivery complications.
Can I choose the country, age, sex of the child I will sponsor?
Yes! Chalice works in 15 developing countries. If you would like to sponsor a child from a specific country you may check the sponsorship page on our website or contact us at 1-800-776-6855 or
When I begin to sponsor, what information will I receive about my sponsor child?
You will receive a child folder which includes your sponsor child’s (or aged’s) picture and story. There will also be some information about the country and the sponsor site where your Chalice sponsor child lives and a welcome letter from your Sponsor Representative. You will also receive an introductory letter from your new sponsor friend.
How long does a sponsorship last?
The duration of a Chalice sponsorship is dependent on how long you wish to sponsor. Sponsorships work best as a long-term relationship between you and your sponsor child or aged. There are circumstances where many families migrate in search of employment; the child's family may no longer require assistance or the child has completed his/her education and has entered the workforce.
What happens if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment please contact our Donor Relations office to make arrangements. 1-800-776-6855, ext. 520 or email
Are you a registered charity/will I get an official tax receipt?
Yes, Chalice is a registered charity in Canada under the Income Tax Act. Our CRA Registration Number is 13759 1012 RR0001. Income tax receipts are issued each February for donations processed in the previous year.
How much is my sponsorship and how do I make contributions?
The cost of a Chalice sponsorship is $42 monthly for a total of $504 annually. Contributions can be made via cheque, postdated cheques or pre-authorized payments from your bank account or credit card.
What are the first steps to take in sponsoring a child?
To begin sponsoring a child, you may choose to do so via /, or you can contact our office via e-mail: or phone: 1-800-267-2923. Our team will be happy to assist you further in the process of sponsoring a child.
What does a sponsorship provide?
Chalice sponsorship focuses on nurturing the special relationship between a sponsor and their sponsored friend. Chalice recognizes that when given the support and encouragement, caregivers will make good decisions that benefit their family. They will set their children up for success by making sure they go to school, eat nutritious meals, and receive proper medical care. We also know that the best people to decide what a community needs to thrive are those who live there.

Chalice uses a direct family funding model to dispense sponsorship funds. Each parent or guardian opens a bank account and receives training in basic financial literacy to help them manage their child's sponsorship funds. It is mandatory for parents to join a family group which helps members manage their funds. Each family group is made up of 20 parents or guardians who gather each month to submit a budget for what they need and at the next meeting, receipts are submitted to ensure the money was spent where it was intended. The members of our family groups are accountable to one another and support each other on their common social issues and problems.

The goal of direct family funding is to encourage self-reliance while generating greater participation of parents in their children's education. Parents learn to be leaders in their community and advocate for the needs of their children. Group members also contribute a small amount to group savings, which is distributed as a loan for education or income generation projects.
How is Chalice different?
Chalice is a ministry of the Catholic Community, creating and nurturing relationships of life and love wherever we serve. Our core values include faith, integrity, commitment, compassion and respect. Chalice has been named one of the top 100 Canadian charities in MacLean's 2020 Best Charities list. Chalice Canada tied for second place overall, and ranked first in international charities with a 97.5% out of 100% rating.
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