June 14, 2006
James lives with his mother, one brother and three sisters, in a brick house with a metal roof in Zambia. He is in grade nine and likes Social Studies class the best. He enjoys resading books. James is a kind boy who wants to make a difference in his community. Sponsorship enables children to attend class every day and have the supplies they need to complete their education, grow up healthy, and achieve their dreams.
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If you wish to pay for your sponsorship through automatic withdrawal from your bank account, please indicate this on the form that will be included with the child folder you receive in the mail.
You may also call our toll free number 1.800.776.6855 to make your request for sponsorship.


Chalice has been serving children in Zambia since 1997 in two sites in very rural communities. Chalice has built schools and continues to run them in areas where there are no other educational opportunities.

Schools in Zambia are located in major cities, but there are very few in rural communities, forcing children to travel long distances to attend any kind of formal education. In the communities where Chalice works, there is very little access to any health care because most doctors are unwilling to work outside of urban centres. Chalice works with primarily female-headed households, because men travel for mining work. Domestic responsibilities keep women from pursuing education, creating a cycle of under-education with their children.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education - Bringing quality educational facilities to under-served rural areas.
  2. Adult education - Empowering women with literacy, skills training, health, and their basic rights.
  3. Agriculture - Implementing programs that improve access to clean water and up-to-date information.  With improved growing conditions comes greater food security for the families.

Our sites in Zambia:

Kawambwa - Chalice partnered with the Sisters of the Child Jesus in the remote community of Mporokoso in 1997. Under the direction of Sr. Bwalya Agnes, the Sisters run the sponsorship program in two schools, St Mary’s and St Odilia’s, primarily serving children with visual impairments and children with albinism. In addition to sponsorship, the site offers special programming for children with visual disabilities, workshops on health, family budgeting, and the importance of education.
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Serenje - Chalice partners with the Little Servant Sisters of Blessed Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception in the remote community of Serenje and various other sites across Zambia. Site director Sr. Catherine and the Sisters run the sponsorship program which caters for children in nursery and primary schools in various subsites, as well as secondary schools. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides regular check-ups and screening for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other infectious diseases. The Sisters work with parents to help them develop income-generating projects, and host workshops on disease prevention, hygiene, and the importance of education.
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