Chalice has been serving children in Cameroon since 1996 in two sites in rural communities. Chalice sites are located in Anglophone communities of the country.

In Cameroon, the Anglophone schools are significantly under-developed and under-resourced when compared to the Francophone schools. If female students do pass their exams to enter high school, they become at high risk for underage marriage and pregnancy, which has led to widespread reproductive health disorders among women. In the communities where Chalice works, there is very poor access to housing, transportation, and quality agricultural information – which leads to insufficient agricultural output. Unemployment rates are high, which exacerbates existing internal political disruption.
Chalice - education and literacy rates in Cameroon
Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education – Bringing quality educational facilities to under-served rural areas.
  2. Adult education - Empowering women with literacy, skills training, health and their basic rights.
  3. Agriculture - Implementing programs that improve access to clean water and up-to-date information. With improved growing conditions comes greater food security for the families.

Our sites in Cameroon:

Kumbo - Chalice has partnered with the Sisters of Therese of the Child Jesus in the rural communities surrounding the city of Kumbo since 1996. Sr. Louisa Wirmum oversees the sponsorship program for both children and elderly people. Due to the nomadic and traditional tribal culture in the area, women and children frequently walk long distances to seek help from the site, having no other source of aid. In addition to the sponsorship program, the Sisters provide adult skills training for women, HIV/AIDS testing, and workshops on computer skills and responsible management of family farms. The site has organized small-scale school farming programs and has also introduced a daily school feeding program.
Annual Report 2019 for Kumbo - Read about our Year!

Mbiame - Chalice partnered with Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in the town of Mbiame in 2009. Under the direction of Sr. Merciline , the Sisters oversee the sponsorship program for children and adults, including children with disabilities who are not able to attend school, orphans, and the elderly who have no family support. The site also works with families to purchase and feed children nutritious, balanced meals, and regularly conducts HIV/AIDS testing.
Annual Report 2019 for Mbiame - Read about our Year!

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