As Canada faces its tragic third wave of COVID-19, the families in our sponsor sites are also seeing surging case numbers. In many countries, families are still struggling with the impacts of their first and/or second waves.

COVIDMay202largeLockdown measures in each country put parents out of work and sidelined their small business initiatives. For many, the price of food and essential commodities rose dramatically.

With your immediate and steadfast support, Chalice has been blessed to be able to offer added funding to the sites facing the greatest financial needs. Site staff have been able to ensure that parents can provide their children with enough food. We have been able to support the staff and community partners with disinfectant, sanitizers, and PPE. Through your generosity, the sites could reach out to orphanages, vulnerable elders, and other marginalized community members with much-needed help.

In this new stage of the global crisis, the families and other vulnerable communities are still in great need. Your generosity continues to be a source of relief and your kindness is a beacon of hope in the darkest times.

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