Every region in India is experiencing the effects of the devastating surge of COVID-19. The Chalice sponsor sites are running as effectively as possible while keeping staff and beneficiaries safe, observing restrictions and protocols outlined in their region.

Chalice disaster relief - COVID-19 relief in IndiaFamily Circles are not meeting, and interactions between staff and sponsored children and their families are through mobile phones unless there is no alternative. The majority of schools across the country are closed, and most of the regions are in full or partial lockdown measures. Restrictions on access to essential services vary by region, but most have implemented curfews and strict opening guidelines. .

Sites are reporting that the cost of essential items, like non-perishable foods, has skyrocketed in recent months. The staff worry about the sponsored children and their families being able to access essentials. "It's the common people again going to suffer to meet their basic needs," writes our Bangalore site staff.

Our Goa site is one of the most deeply affected. There was an outbreak at the office and it closed for 14 days. Our site staff are reporting an increasing fatality rate in their communities from the virus. Hospitals are overrun, and resources are severely lacking.Staff in the Kerala site report that their region’s positivity rate is more than 20%.Orissa staff report that fatality rates are growing by the day. The region where the site office is located is a “red zone.”

“People find no other way to find their livelihood except going to daily wages despite this critical situation,” adds the Orissa staff. “Many people have no work, there is a scarcity of food due to people have no job.”

On behalf of the families, the Indian sponsor sites have urgently requested supplementary funds which parents can use to buy food. Additionally, the site staff will buy cleaning products, surgical three-layer masks, face shields, cloth masks and hand sanitizer and distribute them to families

Your kind contribution will also help families access their COVID vaccines. 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster fund emergencies that may arise.

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