Grapesyard Education Centre is a non-governmental charity that works with orphans and vulnerable children in the impoverished Korogocho community in Nairobi, Kenya.

Most families earn income through casual jobs in construction or market vending. There are high rates of unemployment, illiteracy, and HIV/AIDS. Chalice began partneringKNK0321large with the school in 2019, and 274 children who attend have Chalice sponsors. Thanks to Chalice supporters, we have helped Grapesyard purchase textbooks, school furniture, and other items to supplement the children's education.

Families in Korogocho face extremely high rates of food insecurity, with 85% of households being food insecure and 50% considered "severely" food insecure. The staff estimates that most children are getting by on one meal a day, while some children have nothing to eat all day. Teachers see visible signs of malnutrition in their students and low attendance caused by illness. The children's academic performance suffers because they cannot concentrate and lack the energy to take part in class or complete schoolwork. Many choose to drop out of school to help their families earn an income. The COVID-19 lockdown measures worsened the problem by eliminating available jobs and vending markets.

In response, the Grapesyard staff and the Nairobi sponsor site have created a daily meal program for all 1,465 students. Each school day, the children will receive a hot lunch of githeri (Kenyan corn and beans), and the kindergarten students will also receive a hot mug of nutritious porridge.

The cost of the food to implement this meal program for nine months is $19,678.76 CAD. This will include 18,000 kg of corn, 9,000 kg of beans, and 3,600 kg of porridge flour. All 1,465 students, including 274 sponsored children, will experience all the benefits of a full stomach, helping to keep them in school and reaching for their dreams.

Funding Request: $19,678.76 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster fund emergencies that may arise.

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