Due to the serious humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, more than one million Venezuelan citizens arrived in Peru in mid-2018, with more than 17,000 arriving in Chiclayo city.

GBL0420ClargeThanks to the generosity of our donors, more than $34,000 was raised earlier this year which helped the Chiclayo sponsor site meet the needs of 530 vulnerable migrants, including children, teenagers, and adults with chronic diseases who were in great need of medical care, food packages, housing support, beds, and mattresses.

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has exasperated an already critical situation. The public health system is collapsing due to an influx of COVID patients. While everyone in Peru has been affected in some way, the Venezuelan migrant population has been one of the mosst affected due to to their migrant status and government policies that don't meet their needs. Most of them have lost their jobs, placing them in a highly vulnerable situation with no resources to cover their need for food, housing and health services.

The Venezuelan migrant population is made up of approximately 3,000 families or 15,000 people (including children, youth, women, men, and elders). Due to the high number of migrants, aid that has been provided to date hasn't been sufficient to reach all sectors and meet their most urgent needs.

The sponsor site director is requesting $34,293.17 from Chalice for emergency funding to support 540 migrant families living near them with urgent needs including food packages, rental housing, health care and other emergency needs.

Funding Request: $34,293.17
Disaster Fund Code: GBL0420C 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other diasters that may arise.

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