The community of Tumaini, a sub site of our Meru site in Kenya, has experienced devastating losses due to torrential rains.

Chalice disaster relief - flooding damage in KenyaMajor flooding has left behind submerged fields, destroyed crops and damaged homes. The floods, triggered by heavy rains and rushing water from Mount Kenya, have affected almost all the areas around Meru since October, 2019. Lives have been lost and many others have been injured, and there is desperate need for medical assistance. The flooding has left rivers overflowing and roads submerged, with many people being forced to abandon their homes and others marooned by the waters.

The two schools that the majority of our sponsored children attend, Michogomone Primary and St. Joseph's High School, have been greatly impacted by the floods. Farming infrastructure at the schools and at family plots has either been washed away or severely damaged. There has been loss of livestock and grains stored for future use have been swept away. The farmers have lost vegetables that were ready for harvest, as well as farming tools including irrigation pumps. Farmers replanted as soon as they had the opportunity, but the rains came pouring once again, and all the crops and seeds that were just planted were all swept away by floods.

Chalice disaster relief - flooding damage in KenyaThe situation is desperate and our sponsor site director has come to Chalice for assistance to help the community recover. They need funds to purchase and install a new drip kit (for crop irrigation) to replace the one destroyed at St. Joseph's High School, repair security fences for the two affected schools, buy seedlings for planting, and provide food and blankets for 100 affected families. Total funds requested are $11,064.77

Funding Request: $11,064.77
Disaster Fund Code: KMT1219

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster emergencies that may arise.
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