The Chalice Kangeta sub-site, located in Meru County, Kenya is a densely populated semi-arid area. 

KMK1119largeThe climate consists of two main rainy seasons which are classified as long and short rains.

A continuous drought in Meru County for the last 12 to 18 months has led to massive crop failure and famine, affecting over 80% of the population.

To make matters worse the 2019 October-December rainy season has been a continuous heavy rainfall, resulting in severe loss of life, both of humans and livestock. Heavy flooding, especially in Meru, has destroyed crops as well as roads, blocked drainage systems, damaged homes and forced migration due to the danger of landslides. Crop failure in most places has been as a result of soil erosion which has left the land bare.

In an effort to keep children in school the site has requested an emergency food distribution which will benefit 13 primary schools located in the 11 affected villages and two slum settlements. This support will provide fortified porridge for breakfast and a hot meal for lunch to 4,403 school-going children, helping prevent excessive absenteeism and school drop-out due to hunger.

Funding Request: $52,768.00
Disaster Fund Code: KMK1119

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster emergencies that may arise.
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