Cyclone Yaku hit northern Peru on March 13, 2023. It pummeled the Lambayeque region, where families in our Chiclayo sponsor site live. Chalice Ukraine regional support

It struck after four consecutive days of torrential rains. These areas of Peru have poor storm drainage, so the likelihood of flooding increased hourly.

When Yaku reached them, it made the rivers overflow and it blocked the roads. The government declared a state of emergency.

Chalice sponsor families have been left homeless. Some are taking refuge with family or neighbours. Some are salvaging what they can and trying to get their rescued items to a safe place.

Chiclayo site workers, along with some volunteers, visited the affected communities. They surveyed the extent of the property damage. 

Many families have completely lost their homes and/or all their household items.

Many parents have sent their children to live with unimpacted relatives. Most local schools have not re-opened because they are damaged.

The families cannot afford to repair their homes. The sheer scale of destruction is one factor, but also many have lost their jobs or businesses in the disaster. Like elsewhere in the world, Peru is also facing a cost-of-living crisis, and families were already struggling with high costs of food.

The Chiclayo site staff prioritized families who have other vulnerabilities, such as single-parent households, young children, and those who lost their livelihoods to the storm. Many also have not received any other institutional support or are cut off by flooded access roads.

The Chiclayo site has requested $12,376.44 CAD to provide immediate relief to 191 affected families. This includes 144 families of sponsored children.

101 families will receive a kit of essential groceries including 4kg of rice, 4kg of lentils, tuna, eggs, 1 kg chickpeas, oatmeal, powdered milk, noodles, and beans.

70 families will each receive three sheets of iron roofing, six plastic tarps, and eight mosquito nets.

Your support will allow 191 families to meet their basic needs as they begin to repair and recover from this disaster.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $12,376.44 CAD
Project Code: PCC0323

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