Chalice has been working in the communities on Haiti's southern tip since 2000, currently partnering with Missionnaires de l'Annonciation - Semeurs d'Espoir (MASES), an organization led by a religious Sister and staffed by religious brothers and lay associates.

Chalice Disaster Fund - 35 non-sponsored families, food relief plus MASES support, Haiti SouthSince the earthquake of August 14, 2021, Haiti's southern region has faced many difficulties, including food insecurity. The situation was difficult even before the quake, but now it has become worse. It seems to the staff that the families' struggles to find enough food is increasing by the day.

A main cause of the food shortage is that the earthquake devastated the only bridge that allowed transport trucks. Gang activity is also severely limiting both the passage of goods and people from the major cities.

MASES raises funds for itself by selling religious articles, but sales have dropped to the extent that they cannot sustain their regular ministry, which includes helping to feed 35 families of children and adults who come for catechesis.

The MASES community has put forward a request for food relief for six months for these 35 families to prepare at home, while the staff focuses on regaining the revenue levels from their religious goods store to continue their ministry.

Each month, the 35 families will receive a grocery hamper that includes a combination of rice, flour, oil, dry pasta, butter, tomato paste, meat, eggs, corn, wheat, milk, and cereal, at an average value of $70 CAD per hamper.

MASES typically sees brisk business in its religious goods store in the early autumn through to the spring, so they have hope that their revenue will return to its usual level that can sustain the families that rely on their outreach. Until then, they are grateful for your support in helping these desperate families through a dire time in Haiti's history.

Funding Request: $14,483.29
Project Code: DF HHS0522

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster projects that may arise.
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