Christine is 38 years old and the single mother of four young children.

Chalice Critical Needs - Medical expenses for Christine, KenyaOne of her children, eight-year-old Wilson, is sponsored through our Saidia Sponsor Site in Kenya. The family lives in a one-room house in Gilgil. One day in March of last year when she was not feeling well, Christine brought her cooking stove into the house for warmth. Feeling dizzy, she accidentally fell on top of the stove and sustained serious burns to her right hand, chest, and stomach. She was admitted to Gilgil County Hospital and remained there for one month.

Sometime after her release from hospital, she developed Keloids (a type of raised scar that can occur after an injury that has left a scar, i.e., burns). She had to go to the Provincial General Hospital, where they said she would have to come weekly for a keloid injection and apply a medicated cream daily to ease the pain that had become severe. The treatment must be continued for 12 months. Total cost of the weekly injections, medicated cream, and transportation to the hospital, is $2,466.16. She cannot afford the treatment, as her condition has left her unable to work. She has already sold what little household items she had to pay for the initial treatments.

Christine and her family are in desperate need of help. Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice to provide financial assistance to enable Christine to continue with her treatments and recover from this debilitating condition.

Funding Request: $2,466.16
Critical Need: KSG1118C

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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