Ismeralda is 20 years old and finishing her last year of high school near our Haiti South sponsor site.

Chalice critical needs - Nutritious food and medical fees for Ismeralda, Haiti SouthShe started experiencing unusual symptoms, and the doctor in the local clinic could not make a diagnosis. Ismeralda's mother, Marie Rosena, approached the Haiti South sponsor site staff for advice. They recommended Ismeralda see a specialist.

Her specialist diagnosed pelvic inflammation related to a bacterial infection. The doctors are also conducting tests to determine the cause of some of Ismeralda's other symptoms, which include earaches and headaches.

In addition to medication, the best treatment for Ismeralda's condition is a nutritious diet. She had been struggling to have enough to eat, which had exacerbated her illness. The site staff have arranged an eight-month supply of nutritious food to help her restore her weight and her health.

The cost of the food in addition to her specialist appointment and medications, amounts to $1,578.17 CAD - far outside what Marie Rosena can afford for her daughter. Your support will help Ismeralda recover her health and complete her high school studies.

Funding Request: $1,578.17 CAD
Critical Need: HHS0821C

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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