Soosai is the father of three daughters, living near our Madurai site in India.

Chalice critical needs - Gallbladder and gallstone surgeries for Soosai, IndiaHe is the sole breadwinner for the family, earning a wage as a fisherman. He is grateful that his daughter, Presi, has the support of a Chalice sponsor for her education.

Soosai, 44, started feeling severe abdominal pain at the end of March. He went to the hospital, where his doctors conducted a scan which showed a 7 mm stone in his gallbladder that had caused it to swell. The doctor performed laparoscopic surgery and Soosai remained under observation in the hospital for more than a week, but did not improve. His abdomen was distended, and his urine was discoloured. Bile was found to be leaking from the gallbladder. Soosai was moved to another hospital and another laparoscopic surgery cleared the leaking bile and reduced the swelling. After a third open surgery, Soosai was sent home to recover with his family.

Soosai's three surgeries, hospitalizations and medications quickly added up to $7,370.58 CAD, far exceeding his fisherman's earnings, especially during India's COVID-19 crisis. The Sisters who run Chalice's Madurai site have therefore requested the amount on the family's behalf, so that Soosai can recover his health without devastating financial hardship.

Funding Request: $7,370.58 CAD
Critical Need: IMH0821

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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