Benta is a mother of four who also takes care of her niece and nephew.

Chalice critical needs - medical treatment for Benta, KenyaShe is 45 years old and lost her husband, and so is the sole earner for the family as a cook for the children’s lunches at Grapesyard Educational Centre. She is grateful for her son Stanley’s Chalice sponsor.

In early June, Benta fell while walking to the bus stop. Initially she seemed uninjured, but over the next few days, her leg became increasingly painful and swollen, then went numb. Her doctors did an ultrasound and saw she had blood clots and performed emergency surgery. After she was discharged, the pain and swelling did not decrease. When she was scanned again, there were no blood clots, but the doctors now diagnosed cellulitis as the cause of the infection. She is now in treatment. During this time, Benta also contracted COVID-19, and so is isolating in the hospital.

Benta’s health emergency has resulted in hospital bills and related costs amounting to $4,091.16 CAD. When she was able to work, she was supporting six children on wages equivalent to $115 CAD per month. These costs are devastating for her vulnerable family.

Through your support, the Nairobi sponsor site staff will pay for Benta’s surgery and diagnostic tests, her medication, and her COVID-19 testing. They will also support her to attend follow-up appointments. The site staff will also ensure that Benta’s family has a 3-month supply of food, to sustain their nutritional needs until Benta is able to return to work, anticipated for October.

Funding Request: $4,091.16 CAD
Critical Need: KNN0721

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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