Frénael is 10 years old and lives with Aunt Marie Léda and seven other children in the community of Jérémie, Haiti.

HHS0721largeFrénael is in grade four and just made his First Holy Communion. Marie Léda is grateful for the support his Chalice sponsor has provided him since 2018.

In May, Marie Léda, who raises the children alone, approached the Haiti South sponsor site office in search of help for her young nephew. He had been suffering from painful red marks resembling pimple on his face, and raw sores on his head. He had also gotten a small pebble lodge in his ear a year previously, and it had never come out. The pebble is now very deep and causing Frénael great pain and preventing him from sleeping.

His doctors diagnosed Frénael with ringworm and impetigo (a contagious skin infection, common in young children). He prescribed medication to resolve the ringworm and skin troubles, but Frénael will need to see a specialist surgeon outside of Jérémie to have the pebble removed from his ear canal.

The cost of his medications, travel, and surgery amounts to $1,194.13 CAD, far outside what Marie Léda can afford with a large family to support on her own. Your support will enable the Haiti South sponsor site staff to pay for Frénael's medication, hospital fees, food, travel, and his surgical consultation and procedure.

Funding Request: $1,194.13 CAD
Critical Need: HHS0721

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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