Eleonora lives with her family in Lviv, Ukraine. Her mother, Svitlana, is the site administrator for Chalice's Lviv site.

Chalice critical needs - cochlear implant for Eleonora, UkraineEarly in her childhood, Eleonora showed signs of hearing loss. As she grew older, her hearing deteriorated. Initially, she used hearing aids, but now at age 26, her hearing loss has progressed to the stage in which she needed cochlear implants.

Her parents worked hard to pay for her surgery, devices, and rehabilitation. They have reached a point where they have exhausted their funds, and even daily needs are becoming a challenge. Eleonora's doctors told them that they need to buy two battery units for her implants to work properly.

The cost of these units is $653.24 CAD, too much for Eleonora and Svitlana to afford on top of what they have already spent on Eleonora's ongoing challenges. The Lviv sponsor site has therefore requested assistance, which will purchase the units and enable Eleonora to hear and communicate fully.

Funding Request: $653.24 CAD
Critical Need: ULL0621

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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