Calixto and Lordes are raising their five children in Sucre, Bolivia. The two youngest are Jhoel and Nayeli, nine and seven years old.

Chalice critical needs - COVID-19 family emergency, BoliviaCalixto is the primary earner for the family as a craftsman.

Their eldest son, Johnny, came down with COVID-19, and due to lack of beds and resources in the hospital, needed to recover at home. Calixto and Lordes also contracted the virus. The family cannot afford the treatment the three of them need, and now with Calixto unable to work, they cannot afford food or any preventative hygiene supplies to protect the other members of the family.

The Levantate Mujer sponsor site has requested $1,880.61 CAD to cover the cost of the treatment, food, and infection control supplies the family needs. This includes multiple medications and vitamins for the three adults, as well as face masks, alcohol, bleach, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, detergent, and gloves to protect their family. It also includes essential grocery items such as chicken, semolina, oats, eggs, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and fruits.

Funding Request: $1,880.61
Critical Need: BLS0621

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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