Sixteen-year-old Maribel grew up with her mother, Salustiana, two brothers and three sisters, near our Guadalupe sponsor site in La Paz, Bolivia.

Chalice critical needs - Funeral and medical expenses for Maribel, BoliviaWhen she was 13, she went to the doctor for pain in her chest and joints, and swelling in her hands. Her doctors diagnosed her with lupus, an autoimmune disease that can be managed but not cured.

With Salustiana's fierce support and the encouragement of kind teachers, Maribel continued in school and tried to lead a teenager's life. She required nine expensive medications, only three of which were covered by federal health insurance, so Salustiana earned the money for the rest.

In February 2021, Maribel was rushed to the hospital because her whole body had swollen, and she was having difficulty breathing. Over two weeks, her specialists ran a battery of tests and reached a grave diagnosis which encompassed chronic heart failure and severely compromised and damaged lungs.

This hospitalization was increasingly financially costly, and Salustiana started selling her home electronics, and even her clothing. Four Chalice family circles offered what they could do to help as well.

She was hospitalized until April, and then sent home with extensive medication and medical equipment. Days later, she was re-admitted to the ICU.

Maribel succumbed to her illness on May 3rd.

The Guadalupe sponsor site has requested $668.07 CAD to assist Salustiana to pay her daughter's outstanding medical bills. The funds will also allow the family to prepare a funeral for Maribel, that they may lay her to rest in peace.

Funding Request: $668.07 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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