Yvonne grew up with her mother and siblings in the urban informal housing neighbourhoods of Meru county, Kenya.

Chalice critical needs - Housing and recovery after fire for Yvonne, KenyaYvonne, now 20, has had a kind Chalice sponsor since 2011. She is now pursuing vocational training as a hairdresser.

Their neighbourhood is a dense array of makeshift housing made from light materials. One night in December, a neighbour left a cooking stove burning, igniting a fire that ripped through the adjoining homes. Yvonne's family has lost everything: not just their home, but their school uniforms, books, personal clothing, beds, bedclothes, and all household items. "When the houses in the slum burnt down, it also burnt all the family's source of income, all their belongings and they only survived with the clothes on their backs," writes Sr. Rosemary, Meru site director.

They were taken in by a kindly friend from church. But the friend is moving, and the family has no land or home. For now, they are in a makeshift room that does not keep the rain out, and the country is in the rainy season. They are also completely reliant on charitable neighbours for their meals and personal items. "Yvonne's mother is devastated and unable to carry on without support," writes Sr. Rosemary.

Sr. Rosemary and the Meru site have requested to support Yvonne and her family to rent a home for one year, as well as to replace the essential items lost in the fire. The cost will be $1,868.24 CAD for one year's rent, as well as a replacement bunk bed, bedding, blankets, mattress, wooden chairs, table, their electricity and water, clothing, school uniform, and school bags. With this assistance, Yvonne's mother will have the strength and means to recover her mental health and small business, getting their family back on their feet.

Funding Request: $1,868.24 CAD
Critical Need: KMK0521

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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