Project Location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Project Type: Health
Project Code: KBN0321B

Background: Jane is a devoted mother of five living in Nanyuki, Kenya, near Chalice's Baraka sponsor site.

Chalice critical needs - travel, hospital fees, and medication for Jane. KenyaIn addition to caring for her own children, she cares for a young man named Kenneth, who has a Chalice sponsor. Her husband is unable to work, leaving the family reliant on Jane's income as a casual labourer.

Jane has been battling breast cancer since 2018, undergoing a mastectomy last November. Her cancer has returned and spread to her legs and hand, and her doctors are investigating whether it has also metastasized to her brain and nasal passages.

Jane's treatment program has been rigorous and demanding. She needs to make the 400 km roundtrip to the national hospital in Nairobi once or twice per month, and must pay for the diagnostic tests and scans she receives there, on top of her medication. She is no longer able to work, relying on her charitable neighbours and church community to support her family.

The team at the Baraka sponsor site has created a holistic program to support Jane through this frightening and exhausting journey. They will support her with the costs of her transportation and hospital fees and medication. The site's nutritionist will collaborate closely with her to ensure that she has access to the nutritious diet she needs, and understands the importance of protein, vitamins and antioxidants. The site will supply her with 200 vegetable seedlings so that the family can grow their own nutritious produce. They will also give her a dairy-producing goat for an added source of protein and calcium. The family can sell any excess produced from the garden or the goat, increasing their means of income. The Baraka site will also cover Jane's health insurance payments for a year, allowing her to re-allocate those funds to more pressing needs.

The Baraka site is requesting $660.22 CAD to cover this multi-dimensional plan to support Jane and her young family through this challenging time. These funds will cover the hospital fees, medication, transportation, seedlings, goat, nutritionist checkups, and her health insurance payment.

Funding Request: $660.22 CAD

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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