Project Location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Project Type: Health
Project Code: KBN0321

Background: Joseph is a hardworking dad living in Nanyuki, Kenya, near our Baraka sponsor site. 

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Joseph, KenyaHe has three children of his own and is also the adoptive father of three of his nieces and nephews since his sister's passing. He provides for his family as a casual labourer and with the help of his son Wilson's kind Chalice sponsor.

One day in 2018, Joseph collapsed in his home. Rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. He was hospitalized for eight days and released with medication and information on how to manage his condition. Then in 2020, he needed to be re-admitted because he was not feeling well. His doctors placed him on new medication. Joseph's health insurance had lapsed because he was not able to afford the payments.

The Baraka sponsor site has coordinated resources for Joseph to help manage his condition and stay strong. They have created a plan that incorporates constant monitoring, frequent medical checkups, education, and sustainable means to adapt his lifestyle.

Their assistance will allow him to buy his insulin, a glucometer and strips, so that he can manage his blood sugar independently. The site will also ensure he receives an annual checkup to prevent complications. The site will also place a one-year payment for his health insurance.

While the medical aspect of his condition is significant, the site also wants to give him resources and supports to adapt his lifestyle for the greatest long-term success. The site's nutritionist will provide training, so he can be knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms of his disease, proper diet, insulin administration, complications, and footcare. The site will also give him four chickens and 100 vegetables so that he can get the vitamin-rich protein and eggs and fibre he needs. These also free up Joseph's little income to put towards his family's needs.

The Baraka site has requested $660.22 CAD to implement this wellness program. With this plan, Joseph can recover his strength to provide food and education for his young family. His health will improve the lives of his children, and he will be able to work to afford his insurance payments once more.

Funding Request: $660.22 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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