Project Location: Asembo, Kenya
Project Type: Health
Project Code: KAA0221

Background: Salome is 33 years old and the mother of six children, living in a remote village near Chalice's Asembo sponsor site in Kenya.

Chalice critical needs - Medical expenses and family support for Salome, KenyaSalome also helps to care for her two handsome baby grandchildren. She has struggled with chronic health concerns for the last 10 years, and she has been unable to afford enough nutritious food to keep up her strength. She has lost dangerous amounts of weight and she is weak, she has been diagnosed with hydronephrosis (swollen kidneys due to blocked passing of urine), and malnutrition.

Typically, she tries to earn an income for the family by making the popular fried bread snacks of chapatti (flatbread) and mandazi (donuts), but she has been too frail. Her teenaged son had been attending form two (grade 10) at a high school, a nine km walk away. He was forced to leave school to earn an income for the family. The economic effects of the pandemic have further crippled the family's resources.

The Sisters who run Chalice's Asembo sponsor site knew they must act. They have created a plan to provide immediate and long-term medical attention, nutrition supports, and the basic household necessities Salome needs to recover and maintain her health.

As part of Salome's journey to health, the Sisters plan for her to join a Chalice family circle, where she can benefit from the knowledge and encouragement of her fellow mothers. Two of her children will be entered in the sponsorship program, and her son, who had dropped out of school, will be re-enrolled and given a bicycle to make his daily commute.

The Sisters will also equip the family with knowledge and resources for long-term. They will see the site's nutritionist weekly, receive regular physical and mental health support, and livelihood training for their economic empowerment. The site will also set Salome up with the seeds and tools she needs to start a home garden, to sustain their diet with fresh produce for years to come.

To implement this comprehensive program, the Sisters are requesting $2,691.87 CAD. This will cover Salome's medical costs (lab fees, supplements, and medications), her children's school fees, food (i.e. baby food, milk), household and hygiene products (i.e. proper bedding), garden items, and her son's bicycle. These items will not only place Salome back in good strength, but transform the lives of her entire family. They will have a bright future with education, proper nutrition, community connection, and economic mobility.

Funding Request: $2,697.87

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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