Project Location: Goa, India
Project Type: Health
Project Code: IGH0321

Background: Divya is a 30-year-old mother living in a community near our Goa site, which is still heavily burdened by the social and economic effects of the pandemic.

Chalice critical needs -medical expenses for Divya, IndiaDivya is raising her daughter, Lesha, with only the help of her mother, whom she lives with in a house made of tin sheets. Thankfully, Lesha was chosen by a Chalice sponsor in 2019, and the funds have helped her stay in school and have nutritious food.

Divya was trying to contribute to the household finances with daily manual wage work, but chronic, debilitating pain in her abdomen was preventing her. She sought medical attention in April, but the ultrasound came back clear. The pain did not abate, and she was hospitalized in May. The doctors discharged her after one day because of COVID-19. She was sent home with medication.

The pain has persisted and Divya has been unable to work. She sought medical help a third time, and the ultrasound showed an ovarian cyst. She requires an operation to at last relieve her pain. The procedure will necessitate a two-day stay in the hospital and medication for her recuperation. The costs are far beyond Divya and her mother’s meagre means.

The Sisters who run the Goa sponsor site have requested $1,080.98 CAD to cover the expense of Divya’s surgery, two-day hospitalization, and the medicine she will need in her recovery.

Funding Request: $1,080.98

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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