Project Location, Chiclayo, Peru
Project Type: Health
Project Code: PCC0221

Background: In August 2019, strong-willed Fina and her family made the difficult decision to leave the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and seek a new home in Peru.

They joined more than 1 million fellow migrants. In her first February in Chiclayo city, Fina noticed a lump on her breast and went to the clinic. Her doctor did not diagnose a tumour and set up an appointment for her in 6 months. She returned in September in significant pain. The tumour had grown to 50 mm and the oncologist diagnosed it as stage three breast cancer.

Now aged 52, Fina began chemotherapy in December and has undergone three rounds. The tumour has shrunk sufficiently for her to be ready for surgery. Her specialist has recommended a radical mastectomy and the removal of the lymph nodes in her underarm.

Fina lives with her husband, Víctor Ferrel and five children, aged from 13-33. Víctor Ferrel has health issues of his own and is unable to work.Their eldest son had a good job as a refrigeration technician in Lima, but lost it during the pandemic shutdown. Due to their immigration status, Fina does not qualify for health insurance. As a result, the specialized treatment andongoing care that Fina needs is far beyond the family’s limited financial means. Nonetheless, Fina’s deep faith has sustained her through this anxious time, and she remains confident that God will bring goodness from this situation.

The staff at the Chiclayo site have requested $1,423.40 CAD tocover thecost of Fina’s procedure that will significantly reduce the possibility of the cancer spreading to her lymph nodes, skin or elsewhere in her chest. These funds will cover Fina’s two-day hospital stay, the surgical costs, and the medication her oncologist will prescribe. 

Funding Request: $1,423.40 CAD 

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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