Project Location: Haiti South
Project Type: Urgent Needs
Project Code: HHS0221

Background: Josie is an 18-year-old young adult sponsored through our Haiti South sponsor site. 

Chalice critical needs - urgent needs of Josie's family following fireShe lives with her father and her 10 siblings in the community of Plengué. Earlier this month, the family lost everything they had when fire destroyed their modest home. The family, which was already living in poverty, is now left with nothing and is desperately in need of assistance to help them recover from this tragedy.

The family is currently living with neighbours until arrangements to help provide housing can be completed. Their urgent needs include food supplements (for 12 months), clothing/footwear, school supplies, bedding, and cooking/kitchen supplies. The estimated cost for these basic items is $3,339.17 and the family has no resources to cover any of  these items. Josie's dad does whatever he can to try and provide enough for his family, working as a fisherman, farmer, and making charcoal, but their situation remains precarious.

Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice for assistance for this family of 12, which has nowhere else to turn. A request for assistance to replace the modest home is expected to follow.

Funding Request: $3,339.17

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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