Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Project Type: Health
Project Code: KSN0121

Background: Ann, 18 years old, is a bright sponsored young woman studying at Starehe Girls' Centre in Kenya.

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Ann, KenyaIn May 2017, Ann started experiencing chest pains and pain when swallowing. In June, she complained of pain in her right ear and when she was taken to the district hospital, a blood test indicated that she had a bacterial infection caused by an untreated ear infection. She had two surgeries to remove an abscess on her brain and recieved funding through Chalice critical needs to cover that cost.

In September 2020, Ann started experiencing pain in her right ear and then numbness in her right hand and right leg. She was unable to use her right hand for any task and experienced heaviness in her right leg, affecting her ability to walk. She visited the doctor and an MRI scan indicated she has a mess lesion, pressing on nurves and affecting the mobility on her right side.

Ann's surgery to remove the pus from the brain was scheduled at the public hospital in October, but the doctors went on strike for a month. Due to scheduling issues, her surgery was rescheduled for December, but the neurosurgeon went on leave and the hospital wasn't able to give her a firm date for surgery.

Ann was finally booked into the private hospital for surgery at the end of January 2021 because of the urgency of her condition. If left untreated much longer, it was feared she could die.

Ann is the second born in a famliy of four children with a widowed mother. She hopes to perform well in school so she can secure a job to help her mother and siblings. Her mother works odd jobs and can barely feed her family. There are no savings or extra funds to pay for this surgery.

The sponsor site is asking Chalice for $5,948.89 to cover the cost of this urgent surgery.

Ann is a bright and kind girl. She deserves to finish school, which will give her the opportunity to find a job to support herself and help her family.

Funding Request: $5,948.89

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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