Project Location: Wa Sponsor Site, Ghana
Project Type: Health
Project Code: GWW1020

Background: Wa sponsor site was founded in 1997 and currently has over 1900 sponsored children.

GWW1020largeThe site's vision is to help the community become a self-reliant, literate society by helping families develop, identify, and explore income opportunities. The site is registered in Ghana as an NGO working to support families to be able to access quality education, health care, satisfy their spiritual and nutritional needs, and support the development of  their communities to reduce the effects of poverty.

The prevalence of Hepatitis B is very high in the region of Ghana where the Wa site is situated. Chronic Hepatitis B infection significantly increases the risk of developing liver disease and aggressive cancers. In Wa, many people have lost their lives to this epidemic, and regrettably, the disease continues to spread widely due to cultural beliefs, ignorance, and the close-knit social life of the community.

In 2012, Wa site performed Hepatitis B testing in some schools within the community, which resulted in a large number of positive cases (630 cases). In 2019, Lassia Sub District of Ghana Health Service also carried out free screening in certain villages and recorded over 300 positive cases.

Project Objective: This program will screen a total of 2500 children (1100 sponsored and 1400 non-sponsored) in some selected schools who did not receive the free screening last year to help reduce the spread of Hepatitis B in the community.

As part of this program the site will:
a) Provide health education on Hepatitis B (all schools in the communities the site serves)
b) Conduct Hepatitis B tests for sponsored and non-sponsored children
c) Vaccinate children who are not affected
d) Provide further tests for affected children and seek treatment for those ailing as soon as possible (the treatment for any identified ailments associated with Hepatitis B infection are outside the scope of this program
e) Provide counselling services to children and the families of all those directly affected.

The site hopes to continue this fight until the disease is contained in the community.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $63,488.00

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other projects that may arise.

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