There is an ongoing need for firewood at our sites in Ukraine. There are many reasons for the current economic hardships being experienced in Ukraine. 

Chalice community projects - heating assistance for families in Ternopil, UkraineSince 2013 unemployment has been high and wages have dropped considerably, while inflation rates have been very high. The country's currency has also never recovered from losses back in 2014. As always, those suffering the greatest hardship are the already impoverished and vulnerable - those income earners whose purchasing power has evaporated.

One of the hardest hit items has been energy costs which have more than tripled over this period, with gas prices rising by another 50% since November, as families continue to struggle with the effects of COVID-19. Families are forced to cut back on food to provide bare minimums and have nothing left to spare. They are cold and lacking proper nutrition. The families of our sponsored children at our sponsir sites, all of whom were already suffering from poverty and many with children that have disabilities, are undergoing extreme hardship.

The Ternopil sponsor site director has come to Chalice for help. There are 117 sponsored children (525 non-sponsored family members) from 16 communities who are in desperate need of help to get them through this winter. The site will distribute funds directly to 117 families of the sponsored children to purchase firewood for their homes. Of the 117 beneficiary families, 30 also received heating assistance in previous years. The total cost will be $38,742.69 ($331.31/family)

Funding Request: $38,742.69
Project Number: UTT1120

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other projects that may arise.

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