Dorcas is the mother of Abishai, who is sponsored through Chalice's Saidia site. In 2018, she started noticing pain in her throat.

Chalice critical needs - cancer treatment for Dorcas, KenyaInitial checkups did not result in a diagnosis and it was not until she saw a specialist that she was diagnosed with chronic granulomatous lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes). This is an inherited condition that affects the white blood cells and affects the immune system. In June 2020, her doctors performed a biopsy of her neck lymph nodes using a needle and the following month they performed another biopsy.

In September, Dorcas's medical team performed yet another biopsy on a growth in her sinuses, and it was found to be malignant. Dorcas now has a diagnosis of sinus cancer. She requires immediate chemotherapy and radiation.

Dorcas will need seven weeks of daily treatment Monday to Friday. Her daughter, Rotino, and her site social worker, Lillian, will ensure that she is able to complete her treatment.

Dorcas is a single mother of five children who does limited casual jobs to sustain her family, making her the sole wage earner for the family. She could barely cover the family's living costs when she was healthy, and now that she is sick she can no longer work. She has no means to cover the enormous cost of her treatment.

The Saidia sponsor site director has come to Chalice requesting $8,897.23 to enable Dorcas to receive this life-saving treatment. These funds will cover the cost of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, consultations, scans and medications. All Dorcas wants is to be healthy so she can care for her children.

Funding Request: $8,897.23
Critical Need: KSG1120

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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