Madam Wanye is the mother of eight children, one of whom is sponsored through our SFD sponsor site in Ghana.

Chalice critical needs - eye surgery for Madam Wanye, GhanaMadam Wanye and her husband raised their five boys and three girls on the income from her small business - processing and selling shea butter. In July, she started having pain in her eye that felt like she had gotten a hot pepper in it. After a few days, the pain spread to her other eye. Her doctor prescribed eye drops but they were not effective. Two months later, her vision had diminished to almost total blindness. She could see some shaps in low light but nothing in the daylight.

Another trip to the hospital led to a diagnosis of cataracts in both eyes. The only treatment is surgery.

Madam Wanye is the sole breadwinner for the family because her husband has medical issues. Her blindness has halted her shea butter business, leaving no funds to cover the costs associated with this surgery.

The sponsor site has requested $1,328.18 to cover the cost of her consultations, tests, and surgery. The funds will also ensure she has safe transportation to and from the hospital, enough food, medication, and home care supplies to handle the needs for two months. Madam Wanye and her family are eager to have her vision restored so that she can continue to provide for her husband and children.

Funding Request: $1,328.18
Critical Need: GWD1120

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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