Onelson is a 13-year-old boy sponsored through our Jeremie sub site in Haiti South. 

Chalice critical needs - surgery for Onelson, Haiti SouthHe is in grade seven and lives with his mother, two brothers and one sister. His mother works as a street vendor - selling old clothes, but only earns an average of $20 a week and has trouble feeding everyone at home.

Onelson was born with a birth defect. Three years ago, his mother brought him to see a doctor when he began suffering with abdominal pain and they were told he needed surgery to correct his condition but the cost of the surgery far exceeded what the family can afford.

In October 2019, $1,096.55 was raised for his surgery which was supposed to happen in Jeremie with a doctor who worked at Haitian Health Foundation Hospital. The doctor delayed his surgery and left Jeremie without speaking to Onelson or his family about the surgery.

Then COVID-19 hit Haiti and like many places in the world, it affected people's access to health care.

Onelson is in extreme pain and urgently requires this surgery. He now has to travel to a specialist in Port-au-Prince which significantly increases the cost of his surgery. In addition to the $1,096.55 raised last year, Onelson and his family require another $3,816.13.

The most significant cost increase for Onelson's operation is the doctor's fee which is over $3,000. The sponsor site director has reached out to Chalice to help this poor teenage boy pay for the surgery he desperately needs so he can live a normal life.

Funding Request: $3,816.13
Critical Need: HHS1120

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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