Thirteen-year-old Volodymyr is sponsored through our Ternopil site in Ukraine.

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Ivan, UkraineHe was born with hydrocephalus (fluid accumulation on the brain) that requires constant monitoring with regular MRI scans and frequent surgeries to drain fluid. His regular checkup in the spring was postponed due to the pandemic, and by the summer his health had deteriorated. When he underwent surgery in September, the fluid the doctors had drained contained worrisome blood clots, which needed further tests in Kiev. In November, Volodymyr fell unconscioius, underwent another highly complex emergency surgery, and once again they found the blood clots. Volodymyr is home now, awaiting further diagnoses, and his health is very weak.

Volodymyr lives with his single mother, Ruslana, and his older brother who also has health issues. Ruslana had to leave her work in a shop to care for Volodymyr, leaving the family reliant on the small benefit the family receives for his disability support. This amount barely covers the cost of food. She cannot afford the extensive treatment, rehabilitation, and general support Volodymyr needs to recover.

The Ternopil sponsor site has requested $1,751.27 CAD to cover the cost of his recent surgery, hiw two scheduled MRI scans, and his medication.

Funding Request: $1,751.27
Critical Need: UTT1120

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.


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