In February, Reycel, a sponsored child from our Tondo site in the Philippines, started to feel her lymph node growing. But it wasn’t until March when it drastically grew bigger that her mother sought help.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic started at the same time Reycel was brought to a faith healer instead of a doctor. When the growth didn’t improve her mother decided to bring her to the Agora clinic. Reycel needs a biopsy and further testing to accurately diagnose and treat her condition. The cost of these tests and surgery to remove the mass is $ 1,518.87 which far exceeds the ability of the family to pay. Her father, the only wage earner, is a janitor earning minimum salary who can barely meet the needs of the family.

In the meantime the mass continues to grow and it is urgent she receive treatment as soon as possible. The sponsor site has asked Chalice to cover the cost of this urgent medical care so Reycel can recover and live a normal life.

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