Sixteen-year-old Marco is sponsored through out site in Haiti South. He is one of seven children and comes from a very poor family.

Chalice critical needs - medical treatment for Marco, Haiti SouthHis father is blind and his mother is unemployed.

Marco has had Lichen Planus disease since he was five years old. This inflammatory condition has affected his skin and in particular his hands and feet, producing painful splitting of the skin. He received help thanks to donations to our critical needs fund in 2018 and his condition improved, but now he has had a new flare-up requiring treatment.

The cost for the dermatologist appointment in Port-au-Prince, travel costs, medication and food to supplement his nutrition requirements for a year is $2,023,48. The family does not have the money to cover this urgent need.

Our sponsor site director is asking Chalice to help Marco receive the care he needs to be comfortable and live a normal life.

Funding Request: $2,023.48
Critical Need: HHS0920B

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Please note that any donations that excceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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