Sr. Vilma, site director of our Amanecer site in Bolivia, was rushed to the emergency room in August when she began vomiting blood.

Chalice critical needs - medication and treatment for Sister Vilma, BoliviaShe had internal bleeding and severe pain as the result of two varicose veins in her esophagus bursting. She was admitted to hospital and treated with medication. Since that time Sister Vilma has had several re-occurrences of vomiting blood which required hospitalization.

Sr. Vilma suffers from esophageal varices that usually appear when the blood supply to the liver is obstructed. They generally appear in people with advanced liver disease. There are usually no symptoms, unless the veins bleed and cause the person to vomit blood.

Sister needs rigorous treatment with medication and hospitalization for her recovery. Her insurance only covered part of the first hospitalization and the following hospitalizations were covered, with great sacrifice, with the few funds she has. This last hospitalization exceeds her ability to pay. As a Vincentian Sister she receives no salary and has exhausted her only resources.

The sponsor site is asking for $2,875.06 to pay Sr. Vilma's hospital bill and buy the medication prescribed to treat her condition and reduce the need for future hospitalizations. A very dedicated person, Sister is committed to the needs and care of the sponsored children and wishes to recover so she can continue serving the people of Amanecer.

Funding Request: $2,875.06
Critical Need: BAA0920

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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