Three-year-old Dmytro is a sponsored toddler who was born with down syndrome. He lives with his mother Olha and three siblings.

UTT0820largeDmytro needs full-time care, preventing Olha from working outside the home. Dmytro also has a heart condition which requires daily medication and frequent hospital visits.

In August Dmytro reached for a boiling kettle and overturned it on himself. He suffered first and second-degree burns on his chest, stomach, and right arm - a total of 12% of his small body. He was taken to the hospital immediately and was treated in intensive care. When he was stable, the staff moved him to the Ternopil Regional Hospital for Children. He underwent skin transplantation surgery - the first of many surgeries he will need to recover from these burns. After three days, he regained his appetite and his condition stabilized.

To meet the needs of her four children, Olha relies on government assistance and a disability benefit for Dmytro amounting to less than $230 CAD per month. Her husband does not live with them or support them financially. Her two eldest have part-time casual work, but earn only enough to pay for their school and living expenses. Olha's youngest daughter is six years old.

Dmytro will need further surgery and extensive long-term treatment. The number of surgeries will depend on how well he heals and the success of his grafts. The doctors have recommended that Olha apply a scar cream twice daily and gave instructions on special baths and dressings. The family will have to pay $1,467.58 to cover Dmytro's immediate needs for pain and inflammation medication, antibiotics, IV fluids and antiseptic dressings. His mother is unable to manage this financial burden.

The Ternopil sponsor site director has come to Chalice requesting $1,467.58 to help the family cover these costs.

Funding Request: $1,467.58 
Critical Need: UTT8020

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.


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