Justin is a 10-year-old sponsored boy living in the Tondo slum region of Manila in the Philippines. There are communities within the slum that are known to have a high prevalence of tuberculosis.

PTM0820largeIn June Justin started feeling sick with a fever. For weeks he'd had a persistent cough and had lost 22 pounds - more than a third of his weight. When doctors performed an x-ray, they saw that he had a spot (nodule) on his lung and diagnosed him with pulmonary tuberculosis. His treatment requires that he take medication for six months and have a daily supply of the nutritional support drink Pediasure to increase his caloric intake and boost his immune system to ensure that he can make a full recovery.

Justin has a brother and two sisters. His father is the sole earner for the family and makes his living employed as an auto-rickshaw (three-wheeler) driver. The COVID-19 shutdown has forced him to stop working and with no income there is no way the family can afford Justin's medication.

The Tondo site has requested $617.78 to cover the cost of  the medication and nutritional drink to help with Justin's recovery.

Funding Request: $617.78
Critical Need: PTM0820

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.


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