Teddy is the 20-year-old brother of a sponsored child in Nairobi, Kenya. This hardworking young man is enrolled in a mechanical engineering course at a local college and became a motorcycle taxi driver to earn an income to pay for his tuition.

KNN0720largeDuring the COVID-19 shutdown, his income became a lifeline for the family of six.

In July, Teddy was hit by a fast-moving car. The car's driver swerved and took off, leaving Teddy unconscious. Another motorcyclist came to Teddy's rescue and rushed him to the nearest health facility for treatment. He was given first aid and some pain medication, and an x-ray which showed a fractured bone on his right leg that required immediate surgery. The hospital, overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic, lacked the resources to perform the surgery or even properly tend to the wound the fracture had caused. He was sent home with pain medication.

By the time Teddy returned to the hospital a week later, his leg had swollen alarmingly, and he was referred to the Kijabe Hospital. Out of desperation that he might lose his leg without treatment the family could not afford, they contacted Chalice's social worker and the Nairobi site director, who immediately took Teddy to the Kijabe Hospital for the treatment. He will require surgery, medication, physiotherapy, and significant continuing care to heal and recover fully.

Teddy's accident has been devastating to his parents and three brothers. His parents had little access to education growing up, and struggle to provide enough for their four boys. Their greatest fear is that if not treated effectively, Teddy could lose his leg.

The sponsor site director has requested $3,984.97 to cover consultation fees, hygiene requirements, surgery, casts, pain medication, hospital service fees, transportation, nutritional support, physiotherapy, and the follow-up consultation fees Teddy needs for a full recovery.

Funding Request: $3,984.97
Critical Need: KNN0720

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Please note that any donations tha exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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