Trevor, a 16-month-old non-sponsored toddler living near our Meru site in Kenya, was burned while playing with other children outside their rental homes.

Chalice critical needs - burn treatment for Trevor, KenyaA neighbour was cooking tea using a charcoal jiko stove when Trevor, who is still an unstable walker, stumbled while running after the other children. He fell into the jiko and was burned by the hot tea.

His mother Caroline was working a casual labour job she had secured for the day with the hopes to buy some food. She rushed home and took him to the Kangeta Government Health Centre, but the hospital could only give first aid and he was referred to Meru level five hospital for treatment.

Caroline had no money and didn't know what to do with the referral letter. Her younger sister Emma, who is sponsored through Chalice, called the site social worker who ran to the hospital to help. She took the referral letter and rushed Caroline and Trevor to the Meru Hospital, where he was immediately cared for and continues to receive treatment for his burns. He is scheduled for surgery this week and after he has recovered sufficiently, will be released and will require out-patient care from the local clinic until fully recovered.

Caroline is a single mother who lives with her mother who is the head of the multi-generational househld and is responsible for eight children. Caroline dropped out of school at a young age because her mother couldn't afford the school fees. She married, but shortly after having Trevor, her husband kicked them out and she moved back in with her mother in her small rented home. Two of Caroline's siblings have completed high school thanks to Chalice sponsorship. Caroline and her mother rely on casual labour jobs and Chalice family funding to pay the rent and feed the family. They have no assets or savings.

The sponsor site director has asked Chalice for $2400.40 to cover the medical bills for Trevor's treatment and his upcoming surgery. He is currently responding and everyone is hopeful for a successful outcome. After he is discharged, the site will ensure he is receiving proper nutrition and follow-up care, so he is able to heal completely.

Funding Request: $2,400.40
Critical Need: KMK0720

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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