Thirteen-year-old Duncan lives with his mother and four siblings near the Kangeta Market in Meru, in a temporary structure.

The family of six has no proper home because the government demolished the home they had years ago as it was built on public land meant for a road. Two of his older siblings dropped out of school to work odd jobs to help support the family, who are barely scraping by. They own nothing besides personal clothing they hang on a line outside the house. They also cook outside using three traditional cooking stones shared by three more families.

KMK0720BlargeDuncan is known for his good heart. He is a friendly child, well-liked by many people in the market. He often runs errands, earning a small amount of money which he uses to buy an exercise book, pens, or other small school supplies. In mid-May, around 6:30 one morning, a neighbour came by the home looking for Duncan to send him on an errant, but something went horribly wrong. A half hour after leaving his home, everyone in the neighborhood was awakened by loud cries of a child screaming. They discovered that an intoxicated person had set him on fire. Some courageous men acted quickly to help him, but he had been badly burned. Two of the young men took Duncan with a motorbike to Muthara government health centre. This hospital was only able to give first aid and referred the boy to Meru Level Five General Hospital. His mother had no funds to take him, but thankfully some neighbours paid for their transportation and accompanied them to the hospital.

On arrival at the hospital, Duncan's condition was worsening and the doctor in charge advised them to transfer him to a better hospital. His mother was devastated because she had no money for further care and they all returned home. Her neighbours, most of them poor like herself, started borrwoing money to pay the bill at Meru Level Five Hospital and to transfer Duncan to Kenyatta National Hospital. A Chalice social worker learned of the situation and alerted the Meru site director, who immediately called for an ambulance and nurse to escort Duncan to the national hospital. The journey to Kenyatta National Hospital began at around 10 p.m. Duncan was admitted and began treatment immediately. The doctors requested that Duncan's mother remain with him.

Duncan has had one surgery which was successful, and requires a second surgery soon. His family has no ability to cover his hospital bill of $13,693.79. The sponsor site director has asked Chalice to cover this cost so this traumatized family can focus on Duncan's recovery. The sponsor site will continue to work with the family and ensure Duncan receives the care he needs when he is discharged from hospital.

Before this tragic incident, Duncan's application for sponsorship had been mailed to Canada. Once it arrives and has been processed, Duncan will be able to be sponsored, which will allow him to complete school and receive basic necessities.

Funding Request: $13,693.79
Critical Need: KMK0720B

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