Chalice critical needs funding for Kevin, KenyaKevin is 21 years old and is the older brother of one of our sponsored children at the Saidia Sponsor Site.

In 2015, he started experiencing dizziness on occasion, and in 2016 he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease resulting from chronic glomerulonephritis (slow cumulative damage to the kidneys).

In 2016, Kevin had to undergo surgery and had a permanent catheter installed in his arm to facilitate flow from an artery to a vein. He also had to go on bi-weekly dialysis for a period of time. Recently, the catheter malfunctioned, resulting in massive bleeding. While his condition has been managed since that time, the family has been told that he now needs to have a new permanent catheter re-installed.

In order to have the procedure, Kevin must go to a medical clinic in Nairobi and the surgeon's fees and catheter kit, along with the cost of transportation to and from, must be paid by the family. In addition, he will be required to travel to the city of Nakuru twice weekly for 12 months for kidney dialysis at a cost of $7 per trip. Total cost to the family will be $1875.

Kevin is the oldest of three boys being supported by a single father who does not have the financial resources to cover these costs. Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice to provide funding for these costs so that the family can get the medical help that Kevin desperately needs.

Funding request: $1875.00
Critical Need: KSG1218

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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