Tunze is a 12-year-old non-sponsored child living near Chalice's Mbinga sponsor site in Tanzania. He is the youngest of eight children.

Chalice critical needs - treatment for cancerous growh, TanzaniaHis parents are farmers who work hard to meet the basic needs of their family.

In December 2019 Tunze developed a toothache and severe pain in his gums, which turned out to be a cancerous growth. Even though his parents have little financial means, they tried very hard to get him medical treatment for his condition. After two visits to a local clinic, he was referred to the district hospital; however, doctors there were not able to provide adequate treatment for his condition and have referred him to the national hospital 1000 km away.

The travel and accommodation cost associated with bringing him to be treated at the national hospital are well beyond the financial ability of Tunze's parents. He is currently in pain with a very low quality of life due to the disfigurement caused by his condition.

In the hope that his pain can be alleviated, Chalice's Mbinga sponsor site has requested $2,511.44 CAD for Tunze to be taken to the national hospital for treatment.

Funding Request: $2,511.44
Critical Need: TMS0620

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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