Marie Rosemond, 18, is a sponsored teen from our Carrefour-Sanon sub site in Haiti South. Since the death of her mother in March, she has been experiencing excruciating pain which paralyzes her and prevents her from studying properly. 

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Marie-Rosemond, HaitiOnce the sponsor site was made aware of her condition, she was taken to the nearest clinic and was diagnosed with breast dysplasia (benign lumps) and H. pylori gastritis (caused by bacteria that infects and inflames the stomach lining). The cost of the doctor's visit, travel and medication to treat her condition is $932.80.

Both of Marie Rosemond's parents are deceased, and she is currently living with her older sister who has no stable source of income and can barely provide enough food for them each day. The sponsor site has asked Chalice to cover the cost of her treatment. 

Funding Request: $932.80
Critical Need: HHS0520

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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