Elvis is a sponsored child at our Kawambwa site in Zambia.

Chalice critical needs - surgery and follow-up for Elvis, GhanaHe was born with albinism. He is in grade nine and attends St. Mary's Special School. He has seven siblings and the family lives in a rural village about 350 km from the site. Although Elvis is far from home, his family is thankful for St. Mary's School because it is the only school where children with his condition are able to attend. His parents are farmers and they earn approximately $700 a year when they sell their seasonal farm produce.

Elvis was treated for malaria during summer break. After returning to school, he started complaining of abdominal pain. Elvis' condition continued to deteriorate day by day, accompanied by loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss.

When the local hospital failed to find the cause of his illness, he was taken to a private hospital, where there was access to proper scanning machines. He was diagnosed with ulcers and was required to have surgery and follow-up care, which continues.

The cost of the surgery and the follow-up care totals $2,830.34 and this financial burden is overwhelming for the family as they have no way to pay these costs. Our site director has come to Chalice with a request to pay these outstanding costs.

Funding Request: $2,830.34
Critical Need: ZKK1019

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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