Alkano, 17, is a sponsored child at our Saidia sponsor site in Gilgil, Kenya. He was born with a compromised immune system.

Chalice critical needs - knee surgery for Alkano, KenyaBoth of his parents died when he was seven and he, along with his brother and sister, were taken in by their grandparents.

A bright and active student, Alkano's quality of life has significantly decreased due to extreme knee pain. This debilitating pain first surfaced in 2017 but went away. It came back in 2019, worse than before. Alkano has been diagnosed with right knee valgus deformity with extremely rotated distal femur which requires surgery. This has been devastating for Alkano, who loves sports and spending time outdoors.

Alkano's grandparents are elderly and cannot afford to cover the costs for this necessary surgery but are very supportive and will care for him during his recovery. He is constantly in pain and the sponsor site director has asked Chalice for $727.12 to pay for surgery and help this bright student return to the active and outgoing teen he used to be.

Funding Request: $727.12
Critical Need: KSG0220

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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