Althea Jane is a four-year-old non-sponsored girl who lives near our sponsor site in Tondo, in the Philippines.

Chalice critical needs - MRI for Althea Jane, Tondo, PhilippinesShe started having epileptic attacks when she was one year old. Sometimes she has two attacks per day and at other times twice in a week. Althea Jane is already on Phenobarbital but her doctor cannot adjust her dosage without an MRI. Doctors have been requesting an MRI since she was two years old, but the family has not been able to afford the cost.

Althea Jane lives at home with her parents and four siblings. Her father recently lost his job at a trucking company. To survive, he and his wife sell burgers and drinks in front of their house, earning around 400 Philippine pesos a day ($10.50 CAD), which is barely enough to feed their family of seven.

The sponsor site director has requested Chalice cover the $490.56 cost of the MRI scan so Althea Jane's doctors can correctly adjust her medications and hopefully reduce the number of seizures she suffers.

Funding Request: $490.56
Critical Need: PTT0120

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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