Vanessa, 19, is a sponsored girl living near our Carrefour-Sanon site in Haiti  South.

Chalice critical needs - medical expenses for Vanessa, Haiti SouthVanessa was experiencing severe ear pain for about six months. Her parents consulted local clinics but nothing was done to help her ear. After receiving a grant from a donor, the site referred her to a larger clinic where the doctor ran a number of tests. The doctor removed a cotton swab from her ear (which had unknowingly been stuck in her ear for a year and a half) and also discovered she suffered with a gastric ulcer, acute cystitis (urinary tract infection), acute cervicitis (infection of the cervix) and moderate anemia.

Vanessa's parents are both unemployed and the family lives in a precarious situation. The sponsor site director has asked Chalice for $599.62 to cover the costs of medication, nutritional supplements and follow-up medical appointments to help Vanessa recover completely from her medical ordeal.

Funding Request: $599.62
Critical Need: HSS0220

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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