Julia, 5, a sponsored girl from our Santiago sponsor site in Chile was born with many complications.

Chalice critical needs - brain scan for Julia, ChileAt the age of seven months, Julia was diagnosed with a C-hypophysis cyst in her brain. With regular check-ups and treatments she has been doing okay but has recently suffered a significant setback in her development. She has had to wear diapers again, suffered speech regression, sleeps much more than before, and has become a very quiet child without much energy.

Julia's doctor has recommended she have a brain resonance scan to check on the cyst in her brain, but her family can't afford it.

July and five (of her seven) siblings live at home with their parents. Her father is the only wage earner and doesn't earn enough to cover their basic living expenses. He works in construction for minimum wage and works contract to contract with several months of unemployment each year.

The sponsor site is asking Chalice for $5,236.24 to cover the cost of the brain resonance scan, diapers and special food for Julia.

Funding Request: $5,236.24
Critical Need: CSS0220

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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