Ludivina is a 41-year-old part-time fieldworker at our Chiclayo sponsor site in Peru. 

Chalice critical needs - psoriasis treatment for Ludivina, PeruShe has been suffering with psoriasis since May when it suddenly erupted on her arms and hands. She received treatment at the regional hospital, gaining temporary relief from the itching and swelling. Four months later the condition returned and this time aggressively spread throughout her body. She made another visit to a hospital for low income patients but the treatment received is not helping.

She has been diagnosed with chronic psoriasis and needs to visit a specialized clinic in Lima city where she can receive proper treatment. Unfortunately the treatment and travel is expensive and the family can't afford it. They can barely meet their basic needs and do not have the money to pay for the costs associated with the treatment she so desperately needs.

The sponsor site has asked Chalice for $1,399.62 to pay for Ludivina's travel, medical visits and medications so she can find some relief from the relentless pain and itching.

Funding Request: $1,399.62
Critical Need: PCC0120

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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